There are interior designers … and there are interior visionaries. One look at the Stone Balloon Winehouse will answer the question: Which is Rose Giroso?

You’ll find the clues to her talent in her astute use of restored, vintage pieces.
You’ll find them in her command of green materials like stone, iron and slate.
And you’ll find them in the most surprising place—the path on which you move from space to space.

How? As an architectural designer, Rose understands ergonomics: the relationships between space and movement. That means that authentic design should influence the way people move and live. It was with this principle in mind that Rose led her team at Rose Authentica to create distinct, unique spaces within the Winehouse.

You’ll notice a lounge area with decadent chairs and a couch for old friends to reminisce over a glass of Riesling. To the left you’ll find a dining area designed like a living room. A wall encloses this romantic space, creating for diners their own private nook.

The centerpiece of the floor is the bar, where the more casual guest can kick back and enjoy a cocktail and the chef’s signature cheese plate. And at the back of the restaurant is a space for the serious diners who wish to take advantage of the full fine-dining experience.

But the most impressive feature is the lighted mezzanine that snakes along the top floor, upping the drama and taking the space to a level akin to big-city establishments. The mezzanine is the touch of sophisticated affluence that Rose is known for, and the trademark flair that her upscale clients crave.

Thanks to Rose’s breadth of experience and education, she and her team were able to create design steeped in the psychology of how people live, fused with aesthetics unlike any other restaurant in Delaware. The different hubs created within one space ensure that every diner’s needs are met; at the same time, their combined energies create a cohesive design.

Her ergonomics expertise is only the beginning. Clients like the Stone Balloon revel in her refined taste, from the cabinets she found on a farm and restored into gorgeous wine shelving, to the discarded pedestals she transformed into trendy pub tables. Her knack for Tuscan accents is unmistakable—allow yourself to fall into the rich, rustic earth tones that color the Winehouse. Pick a path along the stone floor. Melt into the micro-fiber chocolate chairs. Trace your fingers along the slate-topped bar. Share a bottle of white in the soft glow of the light that flirts with your mezzanine-level table.

Rose Giroso is more than design—she is a builder who breathes life into space, both ergonomically and aesthetically. Simply put, Rose Authentica executes elegance because its clients will accept nothing less.