A good designer provides unparalleled benefits to her clients.
She takes a macro, big-picture approach to your home.
She has access to marketplaces bursting with pieces you won’t find anywhere else.
She has distinct knowledge that simplifies a sometimes-overwhelming process.
And she listens, balancing your desires with the basic tenets of superior design.

Rose Authentica offers the following services:

Holistic interior design, whole home and whole floor:
Holistic design is just that—Whole. Complete. Balanced. Every room in your home will flourish in the same interrelationship, a relationship that you develop and Rose helps perfect. Not only does whole design provide harmony now, it increases the value of your home later.

Expert space planning:
Design that considers spatial living improves the overall flow and ergonomics of your home. Imagine if the ignored space beneath your steps could be transformed into a beautiful bar, a play space for children or a relaxing reading lounge—Rose can make it happen.

Selections and specification for new construction/renovations:
Handrails. Chair rails. Door style. Hinges. Light switches. These are but a few of the million elements that build a beautiful home. Making choices like these can be overwhelming. Rose’s expert product knowledge will ease the stress of making the decisions that will forever impact your home.

Paint, wallpaper, faux finishes and mural painting:
Do the colors you envision for your home best convey the message you want to send? Are they warm and inviting or just plain wrong? Rose can help you answer these questions and more, providing a crash course in faux finishes and mural paintings. Color—it can be a scary thing. But it doesn’t have to be.

Kitchen and Bath design:
It may be the smallest room in your home, but the bathroom necessitates expert care. Besides flawless aesthetics, Rose must consider aspects like plumbing, tile and wood species. The benefit to you is immense—you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Hard surface design – stone and tile:
Lucky for her clients, Rose is an expert in hard surface design. She works with stone, tile, metal and glass to create one-of-a-kind design that is as unique as it is beautiful.

Custom millwork and cabinetry, furniture and rugs:
Thanks to her connections in the design community, Rose has unlimited access to resources that will help define your home. A custom-made piece makes a statement that says, “I’m priceless.”
As the client, you will take part in creating your special item.

Beach Homes – Delaware beaches and Chesapeake:
Elegant chandeliers are fabulous, but they don’t belong in a beach house—but flipflops, stray sand and spilled suntan lotion does. A native Delawarean who spends time at the beach year round, Rose knows the true rhythm of beach living—it ebbs and flows like the ocean. She can recreate that feeling with excellent cottage design.

Feng Shui specialist:
Feng shui is about more than a well-placed jade plant. Certified in Feng Shui, Rose employs the art to accomplish it’s most pure, genuine purpose—to help you achieve energy balance and clarity in your home.